Monday (evening)

What a weird day. My emotions were so erratic. I decided to not go to work when my alarm rang and hated myself the second I decided to ignore my bosses text messages… Basically I fucked up. I let myself down. That’s the worst feeling..

I went tanning today for the first time in a long time. B joined me and it felt like old times – goofing around, bitching about parents and siblings (his not mine, I’m an only child – FYI), just spending time with him! We watched BB13 and then I left to go home. It was a really nice evening and the simple things made me fall in love all over again with him. Weird hey?

Today was clarifying.. I wrote a lot about my feelings and how I am as a person. I was honest with myself for the first time in a very long time about the choices that I’ve made in the past.



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