Review: Shadow of Night – Deborah Harkness

Similarly to the first book in this series, Shadow of Night was slow to get into but eventually picked up with the introduction of bold characters such as Sir Walter Raleigh, Phillipe de Clermont, and Goody Alsop. I won’t get into each of the mini-story lines because that would be too many spoilers…

Anyway! Harkness has quite clearly done her research when it comes to Elizabethan London. The vulgarity of the men in heated discussions; The use of herbal medicines to cure head and toothaches; Descriptions of clothing and buildings and entertainment — to name just a few of my favourite details. OH and the few brief mentions of William Shakespeare, which made me chuckle when author contrasted his ‘blithering’ to Matthew’s elegance.

Serious spoilers ahead…
One part that bothered me was the killing of Em.. Did I miss something? Towards the end, when Ysabeau feels Matthew and Diana are about to return she goes to speak to Sarah who is inconsolable over Em’s death…. What? When did that happen? Who killed her? I’m just so confused about this – can someone shed light on this? Lauren… I hope you’re not reading this – but if you are, hurry up and read so I can ask you questions!

Overall I really liked this book and I’d give it a solid 8/10

Now I begin Jojo Moyes Me Before You. I’m really excited. After the first few pages I’m a little confused at the style of writing, but I think over time it will be really great 🙂



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