Fuck this!

My life is not going how I want. I’ve been living by the rules of everyone else and not pleasing myself, which is, I realize now, a fucking huge mistake. I’m going to revamp my life in this month before school.

My plan is to spend the mornings working on my body. Workouts, nourishment, getting things the way I want them again. Second, I’m going to work on my mind. I’ll spend some time analyzing my thoughts, relaxing, meditating. Lastly, I’m going to work on my relationships with those around me. I’ll reconnect with God, my true Father, who never leaves and always walks beside me. I want to build a stronger relationship with my Mum – It would be nice to let my guard down once in a while at home.

Mostly this will be about myself. I’m realizing that having a place where I can be completely myself is lovely 🙂 I hope to look back in a year and see the progress in myself – hopefully I’ll be happier and healthier.

SIDENOTE: Bare with me as I finish my next book and review it. It has been tricky to start a new book after Me before You – that book has stuck in my head and slowly become part of me.



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