Top Ten Tuesday


It’s that time again, folks! Brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish, this post will be about resources that make my life easier as a blogger!

1. Friends – Professors have always taught me to write about what I know, therefore many of my posts relate to my friends or family. Without them I really wouldn’t have much to write about. As they build me up or tear me down I learn more about myself and my place in life.

2. Coffee – Writing this now wouldn’t be happening this early (10am) without my best friend: Coffee. I have a mug of freshly brewed coffee pretty much every time I sit down to write.

3. My Book Club – The ladies that form this group are spectacular. Although we’re all still getting to know each other, I respect their opinions and recommendations when it comes to the next-best-thing (I’ll forgive and forget the Inkheart incident). This evening we’re having our second meeting down at Stephanie’s house and I can’t wait!

4. WordPress – This blogging site has been a non-intimidating way to start a blog. The admin controls are relatively straightforward which allows me to focus on what really matters: the writing.

5. Lauren @ Books, Tea & MeLauren is one of the greatest people I know. Her blog (previously linked) is a testament to not only her abilities as a writer, but her true love of books, which is something we have bonded over throughout our friendship (see: reading Breaking Dawn instead of actually working). Her confidence in our friendship inspires me to be a better friend. Although she sometimes gets frazzled, she knows she can count on me to support her in the same way she does for me. Lauren? I’ll love you forever. You are the definition of a best friend.

6. My lovely followers – Every time I open up my page and see that someone has stopped by to read a post, or have signed up to receive notifications when I publish something… THAT FEELING! It makes me feel like I’m not just writing for myself anymore. People, like you, are enjoying my style of writing. Maybe that means you feel the way I feel about things? Or that you sympathize with my sometimes messed up life? Either way, I’m truly grateful for you all – Thank you πŸ™‚

OKAY – So I know its ‘Top TEN Tuesday’ but I can really only think of 6… Think of your own list and post it!



7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Awe, I love you πŸ™‚ I really hope as the book club gets into its rhythm, it’ll help with my blogging. Like I’ll do a monthly post recapping the books we all chatted about/read. Plus it’ll open our eyes to even more books out there, which I’m always excited about (you can never have too many to-reads).

    1. Too true my dear, I need some inspiration when it comes to good reads – ‘Me before You’ destroyed my ability to love anything else..

  2. This one was difficult, right? I kind of cheated a bit by focusing on particular things–like several services the library offers that I find especially useful, instead of just ‘the library.’

    1. It really was tricky! Usually I don’t know where my posts are going until I finish typing so I really should be thanking the chemicals in my brain – hehe. I really enjoyed your list πŸ™‚

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