Wednesday (Evening)

Last night was a wonderful day. I spent time with a woman who could one day be my step-mum. She’s wonderful. We spent all day in a mall, trying on pants, and I didn’t want to kill her, or cry, or anything. N just made me feel super comfortable and happy. I didn’t just buy dress pants – which is a struggle most days – but jeans too!

When my dad is around her he is happier. He smiles more, laughs more, is up for doing more. I honestly feel like she’s a blessing for our family. My mum is beginning to see how much happier she can be without my dad around and that’s something I’ve been praying for. I remember a few years ago praying for a miracle to save my mum and dad’s relationship. I know its weird, but I think N was the miracle. She didn’t help my parent’s marriage, obviously.. but she’s made my dad happier, which makes me happier, which makes everyone happier. Trust me on that.


Today was a wonderful day,
sweet treats and sweet meetings between two almost strangers,
laughter and happiness – emotions once forgotten – 
Now, in search of them, I start to smile and feel joy.
It’s good to see him enjoy a lavish life.
I don’t mean one with money,
no that’s just a dream,
But with love – he smiles like he did in the 70’s.

So many good memories, so many grey areas.
But now the good is coming back
and he’s smiling again.
Today was a wonderful day.



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