The End of September

AHH Blog ❤ I’m so sorry I’ve been so busy (excuses, excuses.. i know) and I haven’t updated you in forever. School is going so well. I’m up to date with everything except my religion class… woops! Lately my only reading has been for school which is why I don’t really have much to say here. I will update you on these reads though!


Ralph Ellison – Invisible Man

Flannery O’Connor – Good Country People

Elizabeth Bishop – At The Fishhouses

All of these are for my American Literature class with Prof Rob Boschman.. oh my he’s amazing! I love how much he appreciates our thoughts and ideas. On the other end of the spectrum we have Ivan Grabovac… slightly arrogant and doesn’t really allow for discussion in his class, even though we’re all trying at any moment we get. As soon as he says ‘For the next 10 minutes, I’d like us to split into small groups…..’ BOOM – everyone’s talking.

Both classes are going well and I really enjoy analyzing and discussing literature on such a deep level. I’m looking forward to picking classes for next semester. ALSO – officially an English major now 🙂 How exciting! It took so long to get my Academic Advisor on the same page as me, but now…. woohoo ^_^

I read The Great Gatsby and Scarlet Letter (sort of not really) for my theory class and we had a short, six-question exam last Wednesday that my friends and I were pretty freaked about. But after a kick ass study sesh with the two A’s… you know who you are… I felt pretty confident and ended up coming out of the exam excited to find out how I did. I HOPE SUPER AMAZINGLY. 15% dependent on 6 questions is scary.


Life has been so positive lately. I immersed myself in church and all that goes along with it. Tuesdays and Thursdays for 4 hours I work at the YDC (Youth Drop-In Centre) which is an after-school program for teens. The building is church-owned and operated, but it is officially run by the City of Calgary and I was interviewed by Chris who will place me in other CoC (lol – immature moment) leader positions if they fit with my schedule. The interview was such a positive experience.

So along with working at the Drop-In centre, I lead a small group on Friday nights (see below) and sing on the worship team. This past Saturday we had a fun team-building day that included breakfast, rhythm, a huge group rehearsal (awesome), and an afternoon spent racing around the city trying to complete our worship pastor’s made-up version of the Amazing Race. It was actually really well done and was such a great way to bond with the other worship peoples 🙂

B and I have never been better. We’re both small group leaders every Friday night at Youth, which is basically teenager church… haha so weird. We’ve really grown together lately and started having serious conversations about marriage and spending our lives together. I’ve honestly never been as happy as I am now. On Sunday it will be our official first anniversary since we started dating – yay! I have some plans for us on Thursday night: I think we’ll start with…. OH he reads this blog – sorry hun, you’ll have to wait 😉

Class just started so I have to love you and leave you ❤


Ps – thank you for sticking with me through my busy September – I truly appreciate you all so much.




4 thoughts on “The End of September

  1. I was so happy to see your little icon pop up on my dash! Welcome back love 😉

    Congrats on the major – I know that mine was the best thing I ever did! It’s definitely hard work, but you get so much out of it and learn how to look at everything eight different ways and counter-argue with yourself all at once. It’s beautiful!

    1. Ahhh ❤ It's so nice to be welcomed back – and it's wonderful to hear from you 🙂
      I honestly can't wait to delve further into this degree. It's going to be such a good couple of years. Examining and analyzing poems, short stories, novels. My theory class, although tricky to understand, is so interesting. My prof opens debates about 'what is language?' and 'how do you determine meaning behind a sign or word?' It's difficult, like I said, but beautiful!
      Sorry for the long absence – I shall do better this time! 🙂

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