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Top Ten Literary Turn-offs

This was an interesting one. I struggled to come up with more than five at first, but then I got on a roll and realized there were lots of things that will make me put a book down.

1. Arrogance in a main character. Let me get a little more in depth on this one. I don’t like it when a main character has a sense of superiority over others that doesn’t get squashed fairly quickly in a novel. If, by halfway through the novel, the character is still acting high and mighty I have to put it down and move on.

2. Everybody dies at the end.I know this sounds stupid because you’d already be at the end and there wouldn’t be much you could do about it – THAT’S EXACTLY WHY THIS IS A TURN OFF. If I spend hours of my life investing in characters to read every single one of them die…. *shakes head*

3. Lots of little chapters.
I need to be able to get into each chapter and read for a while before it switches character or scene. If there are 4 page chapters that make your mind jump all over, I just stop after a few awkward chapters and call it a day.

4. Someone spoils the ending.Not really something the author does here, but if I’ve started reading and don’t know what the ending is like and someone tells me how it’s going to end…. That is just so annoying.

*I feel like this is such a negative post.. I don’t know if I like it…*

5. Too many characters.
This is probably why I don’t like “classic” novels. Anything that introduces tons of characters, and then proceeds to list each of their brother’s best friend’s next door neighbor’s and their dogs, I just don’t get. Life is too short to know the names of someone’s great-aunt’s best friend from elementary school.

6. Big confusing words.
There are some texts out there (read: most things from my literature classes) that use words that we just don’t use now. I’m not talking about reducing literature down to txtin spk – BUT if I have to look up the meaning of every second word then I’m not interested.

7. Vulgar language.
One novel sticks out as an example – Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. As soon as I see the ‘C’ word I shut the book forever. ‘Nuff said.

8. E-BooksI have never been able to finish a book on an e-reader. If the book only comes as a pdf online or on a kobo then I doubt I’ll ever get around to reading it. I like to be able to actually turn the pages quickly during an exciting part. Tapping the screen just isn’t the same.

9. Someone I don’t like recommends it.
This is wrong – and a flaw in my personality for sure. I’ll automatically associate the book I’ve been recommended with the person who recommends. If I don’t like that person then that book will probably never be read. Every time Lauren says I should read something (Me Before You – waaaaahhhh) then I at least try to get into it.

10. If one of the characters is unreasonable / pathetic.
I can’t deal with protagonists that are helpless and/or unreasonable when it comes to conflicts. If the girl has been told that the guy she’s falling in love with is an axe murderer and yet continues to be all like “omg but I love him and we’re going to be together forever” then I’m like, OKAY FINE *slams book shut*. Same goes for pathetic people. I feel like this also applies to movies. Troy sticks out in my mind for an example – when Paris crawls away from his fight like a big lame baby – automatic turn-off.

What are some of your Literary Turn-Offs? Send me comment so I can see!


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  1. Bahahaha “Life is too short to know the names of someone’s great-aunt’s best friend from elementary school.” And here I thought that was important stuff to know. Guess I better rethink my book… 😛
    I agree with pretty much everything here except maybe vulgar language. I don’t mind it so much if it works with the time/setting. But if it’s just thrown in there to make the characters sound “cool”, then no thank you.
    And #2 is exactly why Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows killed me! After seven books I just wanted EVERYONE TO FRIGGEN LIVE!

  2. #7 for sure! I can handle the F-word (tumblr has essentially desensitized me) but the C-word is a big fat NOPE. I saw it once in a book and moved on, but after the second I immediately gave up on it.

    As for ebooks, it took me a while to get used to them 😦 But NetGalley only offers egalleys so I had to get over it and start using my Kindle again. I’ve found that reading on my phone works best, actually, on the Kindle app.

    1. Right? Some words just turn me off. Multiple ‘c’ words actually haha.

      I really need an e-reader with a backlight. I feel like I bought my kobo too soon… should have done more research to get one that I could use for nighttime reading! Ah well – live and learn, right?


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