I honestly thought I’d get my essay mark back today but when I asked him he said, and I quote… “You’ll have to be patient”


Not impressed. I’m still anxious about it and feel like the longer it takes the worse my mark is going to be =/  IN OTHER SCHOOL RELATED NEWS. I got my first exam back in critical theory and omgoodness it had an A on the top of the page – holllaaaa ^_^ It was pretty excited. Neither of my friends got less than a B+ so we marked this first test down as a success and moved on. I need to start reading more for my classes. I’ve been slacking so hard because A got me addicted to Desperate Housewives – dang. It’s such a wonderful show. Until you’ve seen the antics of those ladies on Wisteria Lane, you just haven’t watched a true drama.

Life is beautiful right now. I spend time with my dad when I can, my mum when she’s not working and B every moment I can. He’s such a blessing in my life. I can’t remember ever feeling so at home with someone. Can’t wait to be married…..*hint*

Love always you wonderful people who read my blog,



6 thoughts on “Wednesday (afternoon)

  1. Omgoodness. The wait to have a midterm returned is the longest wait. Especially when it’s the first one. I can understand mine taking forever because it was an essay, but Fil’s? Ugh. Let him know my thoughts are with him during this difficult time :p


  2. Awe yeah! An A! That’s awesome hun 🙂
    Hopefully your prof gives your marks soon. Fil had his midterm last Monday and he still hasn’t gotten his mark back — and the test was done on a Scantron! How hard is it to put those papers in the machine?

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