Shambala. It’s going to happen. I just read a post that convinced me even more that this is something I need to experience. I’m not only excited about the chance to go this summer, but the chance to attend the next year, and the next.

I had a “earth-to” moment today when I came to the conclusion that my life is boring and I need to change it – ASAP. So I spent many hours today thinking about my life now, and my life five years ago, but more importantly, my life five years from now.. Am I heading down the path I really want to be following? Or is that dark mysterious forest to the left more my style? Right now I’m dabbling on the edge but I think life would be far more interesting if I indulge for just a few years. Then I’ll return to this narrow path and be a closeted freak. I just want a few years to experience every sensation, see horribly beautiful, sexual, earthly, natural things…

does any of this make sense?

Anyway. Take a look at the blog post that gave me the desire to go, here.

And these are two songs to convince you to come too…this one and this one! The more I listen to ‘Move for Me’ the more amazing it becomes.

Have a wonderful night you readers of blog posts,



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