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Monday (morning)

School is coming…

I’m so excited. School. Books. Friends. Cold…weather? Hm.. it feels like we didn’t even get a summer this year – what with all the rain and wind, and thunderstorms!

I’m yearning for that feeling I get when I walk into a classroom for the first time and prepare to meet my peers for the next few months. I can’t completely describe how I feel when I’m at school, but I know that its where I feel the most like myself. It scares me to think I’ll have to leave soon and get on with life… making decisions… eep!

My current obsession: Ugly BettyThe episode I’m watching is probably the funniest episode of a sitcom I’ve ever seen! Betty is pretending to be Marc’s girlfriend whilst his mother visits NYC. Hilarity ensues when the group has dinner at the Suarez’s place in Queens.

I like Betty and Henry’s relationship. Its super cute to see how nervous they are around each other. I miss that feeling.