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For A

How doth the little busy Bee

Improve, each Shining Hour,

And gather Honey all the day

From every opening Flower!


How skilfully she builds her Cell!
How neat she spreads the Wax!
And labours hard to store it well

With the sweet Food she makes.


In Works of Labour or of Skill
I would be busy too:
For Satan finds some Mischief still

For idle Hands to do.


In Books, or Work, or healthful Play

Let my first Years be past,

That I may give for every Day

Some good Account at last.


– Isaac Watt

How beautifully destructive this is…


p.s. how ghetto is that rhymin’ giirrrl


I started to see the light far above my head. Strange how it glistens, mocking me.

Knowing I won’t ever reach it I lean my head back and slip into the comforting gray I know. How it warms me.

Wednesday (Evening)

Last night was a wonderful day. I spent time with a woman who could one day be my step-mum. She’s wonderful. We spent all day in a mall, trying on pants, and I didn’t want to kill her, or cry, or anything. N just made me feel super comfortable and happy. I didn’t just buy dress pants – which is a struggle most days – but jeans too!

When my dad is around her he is happier. He smiles more, laughs more, is up for doing more. I honestly feel like she’s a blessing for our family. My mum is beginning to see how much happier she can be without my dad around and that’s something I’ve been praying for. I remember a few years ago praying for a miracle to save my mum and dad’s relationship. I know its weird, but I think N was the miracle. She didn’t help my parent’s marriage, obviously.. but she’s made my dad happier, which makes me happier, which makes everyone happier. Trust me on that.


Today was a wonderful day,
sweet treats and sweet meetings between two almost strangers,
laughter and happiness – emotions once forgotten – 
Now, in search of them, I start to smile and feel joy.
It’s good to see him enjoy a lavish life.
I don’t mean one with money,
no that’s just a dream,
But with love – he smiles like he did in the 70’s.

So many good memories, so many grey areas.
But now the good is coming back
and he’s smiling again.
Today was a wonderful day.