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Life Update – November 12

That horrible moment when you realize you haven’t written a post on your blog for over a month.

I miss writing so much. I’ve sat down to write many times and have 10 very rough draft posts. I have some ideas for poems – but I’ll wait to unleash them until I start my poetry class in January. Lately I’ve just been so lazy. I wrote a six page essay talking about the layers of history in two poems for my American Literature class a couple weeks ago – after submitting it I realized I had effed up the title and misspelled one of the words. IN THE TITLE. What a mess. Since then I’ve kind of given up on school (not really). For next summer, I’m looking for a job at a magazine, or with a publishing house, as an editing intern. Anything that keeps me writing all summer would be prime.

Personal I’ve been spending a lot of time with A and B recently. Since A’s mum has been away, we’ve just bonded and enjoyed each others company. A brought another A into our little group and she’s wonderful, a little awkward — but wonderful. I had a little shindig for Halloween and while it went really well, something seemed off. Our group isn’t as tight as it once was and I’m afraid that as time goes by we’re all going to start getting pissy at each other. N and K had a celebration for K’s birthday and didn’t invite us, which was weird. B and I are kind of frustrated, and to be honest, my feelings are sort of hurt over it. There is never a time when I don’t invite all of my friends to come and be together, so when I find out that my friends organize events and don’t include me it’s a slap in the face — am I wrong?  Trying to rebuild a friendship is tough. Once you’ve been screwed over it’s tricky to trust that person again. I’m not sure what will happen, but hopefully it’ll blow over and we can all just learn to be more considerate of each other.

My anxiety has been super high lately. Lots of what I have going on is getting me stressed. If I’m not at school, I’m working. If I’m not working, I’m volunteering. Then I have rehearsals for Sundays and Christmas. I teach Jr. High Class. I also have friends, and my mum in one house and my dad in another. My man keeps me grounded, but it’s hard to talk about such depressing things sometimes. I don’t want to be a downer, so I keep things to myself and then they build up and the ground is swallowing me and even though nothing bad is happening I feel like I can’t breath and I’m suffocating all because of how exciting life is… Because I just can’t cope with too many things at once. Does anyone else feel this way?

BooksI can’t believe how good this month was for me and books. I read Doctor’s Sleep which was pretty fantastic, started reading Dante’s Inferno and Sula by Toni Morrison (for my Am. Lit. Class). The rundown from now until Christmas will be so busy for reading so I’m getting a head start. Speaking of which I should go and read for my class tomorrow morning as it’s already 11pm and I’m exhausted.

I’m sorry I’m not around much – I’ll try to post more than once a month from now on!



I honestly thought I’d get my essay mark back today but when I asked him he said, and I quote… “You’ll have to be patient”


Not impressed. I’m still anxious about it and feel like the longer it takes the worse my mark is going to be =/  IN OTHER SCHOOL RELATED NEWS. I got my first exam back in critical theory and omgoodness it had an A on the top of the page – holllaaaa ^_^ It was pretty excited. Neither of my friends got less than a B+ so we marked this first test down as a success and moved on. I need to start reading more for my classes. I’ve been slacking so hard because A got me addicted to Desperate Housewives – dang. It’s such a wonderful show. Until you’ve seen the antics of those ladies on Wisteria Lane, you just haven’t watched a true drama.

Life is beautiful right now. I spend time with my dad when I can, my mum when she’s not working and B every moment I can. He’s such a blessing in my life. I can’t remember ever feeling so at home with someone. Can’t wait to be married…..*hint*

Love always you wonderful people who read my blog,


The End of September

AHH Blog ❤ I’m so sorry I’ve been so busy (excuses, excuses.. i know) and I haven’t updated you in forever. School is going so well. I’m up to date with everything except my religion class… woops! Lately my only reading has been for school which is why I don’t really have much to say here. I will update you on these reads though!


Ralph Ellison – Invisible Man

Flannery O’Connor – Good Country People

Elizabeth Bishop – At The Fishhouses

All of these are for my American Literature class with Prof Rob Boschman.. oh my he’s amazing! I love how much he appreciates our thoughts and ideas. On the other end of the spectrum we have Ivan Grabovac… slightly arrogant and doesn’t really allow for discussion in his class, even though we’re all trying at any moment we get. As soon as he says ‘For the next 10 minutes, I’d like us to split into small groups…..’ BOOM – everyone’s talking.

Both classes are going well and I really enjoy analyzing and discussing literature on such a deep level. I’m looking forward to picking classes for next semester. ALSO – officially an English major now 🙂 How exciting! It took so long to get my Academic Advisor on the same page as me, but now…. woohoo ^_^

I read The Great Gatsby and Scarlet Letter (sort of not really) for my theory class and we had a short, six-question exam last Wednesday that my friends and I were pretty freaked about. But after a kick ass study sesh with the two A’s… you know who you are… I felt pretty confident and ended up coming out of the exam excited to find out how I did. I HOPE SUPER AMAZINGLY. 15% dependent on 6 questions is scary.


Life has been so positive lately. I immersed myself in church and all that goes along with it. Tuesdays and Thursdays for 4 hours I work at the YDC (Youth Drop-In Centre) which is an after-school program for teens. The building is church-owned and operated, but it is officially run by the City of Calgary and I was interviewed by Chris who will place me in other CoC (lol – immature moment) leader positions if they fit with my schedule. The interview was such a positive experience.

So along with working at the Drop-In centre, I lead a small group on Friday nights (see below) and sing on the worship team. This past Saturday we had a fun team-building day that included breakfast, rhythm, a huge group rehearsal (awesome), and an afternoon spent racing around the city trying to complete our worship pastor’s made-up version of the Amazing Race. It was actually really well done and was such a great way to bond with the other worship peoples 🙂

B and I have never been better. We’re both small group leaders every Friday night at Youth, which is basically teenager church… haha so weird. We’ve really grown together lately and started having serious conversations about marriage and spending our lives together. I’ve honestly never been as happy as I am now. On Sunday it will be our official first anniversary since we started dating – yay! I have some plans for us on Thursday night: I think we’ll start with…. OH he reads this blog – sorry hun, you’ll have to wait 😉

Class just started so I have to love you and leave you ❤


Ps – thank you for sticking with me through my busy September – I truly appreciate you all so much.